Tips for Using Point of Purchase and Signage Effectively

When it comes to point of presence and available sign options, it is impossible to begin using p.o.p. and signage effectively and not make good use of the venue’s actual idiosyncrasies. For example, does your office space or store front find itself in a strip mall?

If so, you may capitalize on the vicinity of other commercial venues to lure their customers into your venue. This is especially easy if you sell similar or even identical merchandise. At a strip mall venue, this is exceedingly easy to do, even if the emphasis of your store’s merchandise overall is placed in a different area.

On the flipside of this school of thought is the notion that using p.o.p. and signage effectively requires a playing up of the differences that exist between the business and others in the area. You may actually consider pointing out your uniqueness by highlighting it on your sign and also on temporary window signage. The latter may need to be approved by the locality ownership, but overall should not provide an insurmountable problem.

Perhaps the biggest mistake vendors make when using p.o.p. and signage effectively is the use of less than professional media. The handwritten placard may be great if you are running a fish restaurant and advertise the catch of the day, but for a shoe store or computer peripheral dealership it only adds an air of cheap retail.

It would be wiser to spend a bit of extra money from the advertising budget to have professional signs made up and begin using p.o.p. and signage effectively, expertly, and consistently.

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