Visual Merchandising Tips and The Art of Retail Display

When it comes to visual merchandising tips and the art of retail display, the experts contend that it must be a mix of attention getters and value information.

The attention getters, of course, jolt consumers out of merely perusing one of many displays and instead cause them to take a second look. The value information then hooks the consumer to such an extent that s/he will investigate the store further to see what other goods may be for sale.

These kinds of visual merchandising tips and the art of retail display aficionados will suggest – are most often found in the “too good to be true” offer that gets patrons walking in the doors merely to see if an item for the advertised low price is truly for sale.

Hedging their bets, retailers oftentimes decide to only have one or two such low priced items and sell them as limited quantities with no rain checks. Even though consumers know of this policy, this is one of the most popular visual merchandising tips.

The art of retail display does not stop at the store window, however, and it is the interior shelving display that heavily capitalizes on the willingness of the consumer to check out any ancillary deals that might be offered.

For example, you may notice the practice of placing the most expensive items at eye level, while the lower priced items are either above head level or down below. Experts in the field of merchandising have the power to greatly enhance a store’s overall bottom line

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